Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and where can I find your treats?
We're an Austin based, woman owned, start-up business straight from the heart! We bake our treats in small batches with lots and lots of love! Our treats are available for sale through great local business partners now (see our website for locations) and we will be set-up to sell online soon!

What makes your treats different?
Our treats are what dog trainers often refer to as "high value training treats"~ they contain a concentrated amount of delicious, nutritious and odiferous ingredients (like garlic, rosemary, Marmite®, coconut, goji berries, agave nectar, and blueberries) which also happen to be potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents! Pretty cool, huh? (we think so!)

They are also 100% human grade, almost 100% organic (we're working on organic certification), free of all major allergens, and vegan! We think these things all combine to make Bark for Peace! treats an outstanding choice for your beloved canine companion.

What are common food allergens for dogs?
Actually most of the common allergens for dogs are also common allergens for people- which makes sense since we evolved together! That's why our treats are free of all known major allergens, including gluten (found in wheat, spelt, barley and rye flours among others), corn, soy, dairy, and eggs.

So what are the treats made of then?
Our baked treats are organic quinoa based- quinoa is an ancient grain of the Incas often referred to as the Mother grain or Super grain because it is a complete and very digestible source of protein. We also include organic sorghum flour, organic potato starch, and organic tapioca starch as the base for these yummy for tummy treats!

Is it true that people can eat your treats?
OK, let's get one thing straight- we are not the food police!

Our treats are made of the finest ingredients available anywhere, period! (that means they're 100% human grade) But, we did formulate them for dogs, and we do bake them pretty hard so they might not exactly be- shall we say- "your cup of tea." However, several young mothers have recently reported their kids asking for them by name!! And a couple of outdoor enthusiasts swear they enjoy them with their dogs while hiking. SO, we're not here to tell you what you can and can't eat! (but sharing is a virtue!)

What are your treats packaged in?
We use 100% biodegradable, non-petroleum, cellulose packaging. It will compost faster than leaves in your compost bin!

Why "Bark for Peace!"?
We live in an all rescue home that includes three dogs, two of whom might be considered "hyper-verbal!" Late one night (or was it actually early morning?) when FORD, the patron saint of the barkery, was speaking her mind I looked up and it suddenly dawned on me~ even though her insistent barking felt brain shattering to me, she was trying to tell me something- something she needed or wanted, maybe something that worried or concerned her, maybe she was as tired as I was and knew that goading me was the only way to get me to leave the computer and take her with me to bed! No matter, it worked! I realized that she was doing what we all do every day; whether we are acting out of love and concern, or acting out in ways which appear to be and may truly be destructive, we're all just doing the best we can at that particular time, we're all trying to get our needs met, to be whole, healed, and live into that divine intention for "shalom." We're ALL just barking for peace, baby! J

So, what do you mean by "Bark for Peace!"
Our company name under girds and expands our basic effort to get the healthiest, most delicious, nutritious and odiferous treats to as many dogs as possible. We think good nutrition and lots of love make a world of difference. In fact, it might just be revolutionary! So, when we say "Bark for Peace!" some of the things we mean are: say what you mean, say it loud & don't hold back; there's enough for everyone; practice sustainable stewardship; we need each other; what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding?; and most of all~in a time when we're being told we must commit to the way of war- we're saying no, we Bark for Peace! J

Is there anything else to "Bark for Peace!"
Right now we're a young company with big dreams and a whole lot of work ahead of us, but we've already made contributions including time, money, and treats to six (6) Austin area non-profits in our first six months of business! We'd love to reach out more and we think that spreading the word, sharing our treats (along with a little peace, love & understanding) will go a long way towards helping us get our treats to more dogs- those with people, those looking for forever homes, and those whose people can't afford to purchase our treats- and that in some small way that might actually revolutionize the world! Won't you help us live into this vision and join us in re-shaping and growing it into even more??

One last thing:
My dogs have been my greatest teachers and learning the power of love, companionship, and nutrition have been and continue to be deep, abiding, expanding lessons in our relationships. Every treat is named after one of my co-rescuers. Our website will soon be able to tell you all about them! Our promise to you is that everything Bark for Peace! offers is free of sweat shop labor, petroleum products and contains only the finest ingredients enjoyed by our family, and we hope yours! J
Peace and Paws, lisa, FORD & Clementine.